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      "F?ather!" cried Pete, "you can't turn him out lik this."

      The prisoners were conducted to the rear, and when Si returned with his squad to the regiment he found it had forced its way to the foot of the high wall of rock that rose straight up from the slope."Hold your tongue! Does anyone here think I'm going to have a Radical fur my son?and a tedious lying traitor, too, wot helps his f?ather's enemies, and busts up the purtiest election that wur ever fought at Rye. Do you say you didn't write those lousy verses wot have lost us everything?"

      "Great heavens! he's bin shot through the bowels?" thought Si, turning toward him with sickening apprehension of this most dreaded of wounds. Then, aloud, with forced cheerfulness"I hope you ain't hurt bad, Monty."

      "Nobody's allowed to leave," Dodd said, more quietly. "We'rethey're taking every precaution they can. But some daymaybe some day, Albinthe people are going to find out in spite of every precaution." He sat straighter. "And then it'll all be over. Then they'll be wiped out, Albin. Wiped out.""What do you mean, good care of him?" she said. But Albin was gone, into the main body of the party, a melee confused enough so that he was lost in twenty steps. Greta turned back almost hopeless eyes.

      Rose shrank close to Handshut, though she did not take his arm. Sometimes the crowd would fling them together, so that they were close as in an embrace, at others they would stand almost apart, linked only by sidelong glances. The flare of a torch would suddenly slide over Handshut's face, showing her its dark gipsy profile, and she would turn away her eyes as from something too bright to bear.

      Reuben faced him with straight lips and dilated nostrils; the boy was now quivering with passion, hatred seemed to have purged him of terror.

      "I don't want you."




      I have broken the chain, the chain of obedience.


      At this juncture Albert opened his eyes.