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      Aint yer goin to have somethin to eat an drink? he said, not unkindly, as he looked at the worn face. Its a long ride to Three Star, an to my knowledge youve had neither bite nor sup for a devil of a time.

      Selvaine shall tell you its history, said his grace. He is the historian of the family, you know, and is never so pleased as when he is relating some story connected with it. Dear, dear, how out of repair the fencing has got! I must tell Helby to replace it with some of the new iron railing. Now we will drive to the lake. Turn down this lane to the left. Are you sure you are warm enough, my dear?

      "There is no 'unless.' There can't ever be any.""Why, uncle, all the cotton in New Orleans couldn't tempt me to marry the girl I wouldn't take dry so without a continental cent."

      Has any one inquired for me? he asked.

      My wardadopted daughter?They reached Grosvenor Square, and he took his leave. Once more he pressed Esmeraldas hand, and once again the color rose to her face. She stood at the door, and watched him drive away, then she followed Lady Wyndover to her boudoir.


      What a lovely morning! he said. His voice was grave and weary, though he tried to make it light, and she had noticed that he was pale and haggard.


      He smiled.